Dance & Somatic Practices Conference 2011

Fostering trans-disciplinary perspectives on embodied process and performance


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Over 120 people attended from 11 countries including
N America, Europe and New Zealand

This three-day event invited somatic practitioners, dance artists and scholars from a range of disciplines to discuss, envision and critically engage with embodied processes and performance.

The conference offered discussion, engagement, debate and experimentation through papers, workshops, lecture demonstrations, provocations, performance and interventions.

Convened by Professor Sarah Whatley and Dr Natalie Garrett Brown

Complete programme of events DSP2011 Conference Schedule

Handbook of abstracts & presenter biographies DSP2011 Conference Handbook

Keynote Address

Dancing bodies, spaces/places and the senses: a cross-cultural investigation
Andrée Grau

Coventry School of Art & Design - Performing Arts, Coventry University, UK
Friday 8th – Sunday 10th July 2011